知り合いのオーストラリア在住の老夫婦が、北海道を旅行する計画と聞いて、どこがお薦めか、AI(Bing チャト)に聞いてみた。下記が質問と回答。

Q. An 80-year-old energetic couple living in Australia want to travel by train in Hokkaido for about 10 days. What kind of places would you recommend them to visit? Both of them have previously traveled to Tokyo, Kyoto, and Niigata . they haven’t been to Hokkaido yet. If it’s better to travel in a rental car, I would recommend it.

A. Certainly! Hokkaido is a fantastic destination, especially by train. Here are some recommendations for your energetic couple:/ JR Hokkaido Rail Pass: For unlimited travel on JR Hokkaido trains, consider the Hokkaido Rail Pass. It’s available for 5 or 7 consecutive days and covers limited express trains. Prices start at 16,500 yen./ Sapporo: Start in Sapporo, the vibrant capital of Hokkaido. Explore Odori Park, the Sapporo Clock Tower, and indulge in local cuisine at the Nijo Market./ Otaru: Take a day trip to Otaru, known for its charming canal, glassware shops, and fresh seafood./ Hakodate: Visit Hakodate for its historic architecture, stunning night views from Mount Hakodate, and delicious seafood markets./ Furano and Biei: These picturesque towns are famous for lavender fields (best in summer) and rolling hills. The Furano/Biei Norokko Train offers a scenic ride through these areas./ Shiretoko National Park:If they love nature, consider a trip to Shiretoko National Park. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site with pristine wilderness and wildlife./ Kushiro Shitsugen Wetland: The Kushiro Shitsugen Norokko Train offers a seasonal journey through this magnificent wetland. It’s a great way to appreciate Hokkaido’s natural beauty./ Niseko, Hokkaido,Niseko: If they enjoy skiing or hot springs, Niseko is a popular winter destination. The Express Niseko train connects Sapporo and Hakodate via Niseko./ As for rental cars, trains are convenient and efficient, but a rental car allows more flexibility to explore off-the-beaten-path locations. Consider their preferences and mobility when deciding. Enjoy their Hokkaido adventure!